Saturday, January 16, 2010

ParcMark - when you mean srs bsns srsly

At SnarcMark Limited, we've sometimes found that people don't take us seriously. I know, can you believe it? Sheesh. Apparently, sometimes the NoSnarcMark(tm) isn't enough.

Introducing: The ParcMark
For when you've expressed the definitive, absolute, end-of-discussion facts of the conversation, and expressing that you're serious through the NoSnarcMark(tm) doesn't quite cover how serious your srs bsns is. You should use the ParcMark to express when the absolute final serious truth has already been spoken, you will brook no further discussion on the topic, you're done listening to responses, and to hell with it, you're closing comments on this post because those fools on the internet aren't taking you seriously enough. The ParcMark means the conversation is Parked, because all relevant and important perspectives are already spoken and well-understood.

To use the ParcMark:
Just press the Peer-Y-odd key, just to the right of the comma key, twice at the end of your sentence. This means that you mean really serious business about the absolutely serious post that you just shared.

I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to seeing your totally serious business on the internet.. srsly..

Use SnarcMark to Mark your Snark for Free!

Along with our previously announced NoSnarcMark (tm) we are now announcing a second new Product, useful to indicate when your post, email, or tweet is snarky.

Introducing the SnarcMark ؟
A simple, license-free single character solution that requires no embedded graphics, and works instantly on twitter, blogs, and in email.
This character was originally known as the Irony Mark but as everyone knows, the actual definition of Irony is elusive to many, but Snark is something we all experience and can understand, so we're calling it the SnarcMark. Now you can make your snark even more clear, free of charge, and with a single character that's easier to use than emoticons or hashtags!

Examples of usage:
Gee, @Morissette really nailed the definition of Irony in Reality Bites ؟

Share your usage of snarcmark in comments below, or twitter your snarks to me. Snark you soon!

All New NoSnarcMark(tm), free for public use!

Here at SnarcMark Limited, we've been slaving away finding more effective ways for you to communicate your feelings through email, blogs, or Twitter, and we're ready to launch a series of helpful new products. In the spirit of public interest, we're launching our first today totally free for you to use, with no commercial software required to download in order to use.

Introducing: The NoSnarcMark(tm)
The official, easy-to-use punctuation mark to emphasize a serious phrase, sentence or message. It’s a quick single key-stroke to insert the (NSM(tm)) where you want, when you want, in your communications with the world. Never again be misunderstood! Never again waste a good serious statement on someone who doesn’t get it, and might believe it's snarky!

How to use: When writing your snark-free blog post, businesslike email, or srs bsns tweet, end your sentence by pressing the period key, just to the right of the comma, like so. This will produce a character that is commonly referred to as a Peer-Y-odd, which is an obviously odd title for such a useful structure, so we're renaming it the NoSnarcMark(tm) and offering its use to the public under no license restrictions whatsoever.

Please post your examples of how you'll use the NoSnarcMark(tm) in your own linked blog posts, comments below, or tweet them to us @snarcmark

We hope you enjoy our contribution!