Saturday, January 16, 2010

ParcMark - when you mean srs bsns srsly

At SnarcMark Limited, we've sometimes found that people don't take us seriously. I know, can you believe it? Sheesh. Apparently, sometimes the NoSnarcMark(tm) isn't enough.

Introducing: The ParcMark
For when you've expressed the definitive, absolute, end-of-discussion facts of the conversation, and expressing that you're serious through the NoSnarcMark(tm) doesn't quite cover how serious your srs bsns is. You should use the ParcMark to express when the absolute final serious truth has already been spoken, you will brook no further discussion on the topic, you're done listening to responses, and to hell with it, you're closing comments on this post because those fools on the internet aren't taking you seriously enough. The ParcMark means the conversation is Parked, because all relevant and important perspectives are already spoken and well-understood.

To use the ParcMark:
Just press the Peer-Y-odd key, just to the right of the comma key, twice at the end of your sentence. This means that you mean really serious business about the absolutely serious post that you just shared.

I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to seeing your totally serious business on the internet.. srsly..

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