Saturday, January 16, 2010

Use SnarcMark to Mark your Snark for Free!

Along with our previously announced NoSnarcMark (tm) we are now announcing a second new Product, useful to indicate when your post, email, or tweet is snarky.

Introducing the SnarcMark ؟
A simple, license-free single character solution that requires no embedded graphics, and works instantly on twitter, blogs, and in email.
This character was originally known as the Irony Mark but as everyone knows, the actual definition of Irony is elusive to many, but Snark is something we all experience and can understand, so we're calling it the SnarcMark. Now you can make your snark even more clear, free of charge, and with a single character that's easier to use than emoticons or hashtags!

Examples of usage:
Gee, @Morissette really nailed the definition of Irony in Reality Bites ؟

Share your usage of snarcmark in comments below, or twitter your snarks to me. Snark you soon!

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